Scholarships Accepting Applications

Scholarships Available for High School Students

Please browse our list of scholarships that are available for graduating high school students. Look for your High School in the list below to view all scholarships available to you.

You can also download a spreadsheet of all available scholarships and the eligibility requirements.

Apply for Scholarships Today!

After reviewing our list of scholarships accepting applications, simply click the button below to begin applying. Don’t forget to use the Copy Previous Answers feature if you complete more than one application in order to save yourself time. If you have any questions, please call 570-822-2065 or email

Please note: The application system works best using the Google Chrome web browser.

Paul Brace Jr. Dallas Athletic Scholarship Fund of The Luzerne Foundation
1LT Michael J. Cleary Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Corey A. Ehret Scholarship Fund
James M. Desiderio Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kevin Karl Music Foundation Scholarship Fund
Thomas P. Kilduff Memorial Fund of the Luzerne Foundation
Kenneth G. & Patricia E. Kirk Scholarship
Jason Schilling Memorial Fund
Adam Slamas Memorial Scholarship Fund of TLF
Kathy Wega Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Kyle Wega Memorial Scholarship Fund

The following scholarship applications are available in the Dallas Guidance Dept. Please see Mrs. Keating for more details:

  • Paul Brace, Jr. Dallas Athletic Scholarship
  • 1LT Michael J. Cleary Memorial Scholarship
  • Corey Ehret Cross Country Scholarship
  • Jason Schilling Memorial Scholarship
  • Kathy Wega Memorial Scholarship
  • Kyle Wega Memorial Scholarship
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