Nonprofit Forum

The Luzerne Foundation’s 2021 Nonprofit Forum
A Virtual Experience

A total of 30 charities will be selected (15 each day) on April 20 and April 21.
Tuesday, April 20: Arts and Culture; Health & Wellness; Historic Preservation & the Environment; Educational Programs.
Wednesday, April 21: Community Development; Social Services; Youth
Because the 2021 Forum is a virtual event, we added a video component to make the online experience more exciting and informative.
We are asking each applicant to submit a 3-minute video (MP3 or MP4 format preferred). While we do not require a professional quality video, we hope this video becomes a marketing piece for your organization. Following the Forum, we will post this story-telling opportunity on our website in our “Grant Wish Book” section. Funders and donors will have access to this site, and your carefully crafted video could inspire them to support your organization. It’s important to The Luzerne Foundation to publicly showcase our strategic priorities to inform and educate potential donors and support our nonprofits.
To assist you in this endeavor, The Luzerne Foundation will hold (3) Zoom sessions that will serve as a “toolkit” in preparing your video content. We will offer ideas on format, ways to maximize your video time, etc. We will also tape each session and make these videos available to anyone who requests a copy. Think of this process as a “Virtual Site Visit” opportunity. If the video submission seems like a daunting task, we can help!
Email or call her at 570.822.2065 to discuss options.
Our Process:
The Luzerne Foundation’s Grants Distribution Committee will read through each application and watch each video submission. The Committee will narrow down the finalists to 30 participants. The 30 finalists’ original video submission will be played at the Virtual Forum, concluding with 2 minutes of Q & A generated from the audience.  
Forum Timeline/Deadlines:
March 29: Deadline for Application Submission
April 12: Notification sent to 30 Finalists with Forum Commitment Form, Participation Guidelines, and your presentation time.
Forum #1 Tuesday, April 20: Fields of Interest: Arts and Culture; Health & Wellness; Historic Preservation & the Environment; Educational Programs.
Forum #2 Wednesday, April 21: Community Development; Social Services; Youth
You must be a 501(c)(3) public charity (in good standing) that serves Luzerne County residents.

  • If you are one of the 7 YAC Forum finalists, you can apply to this Forum.
  • If you applied or participated in last year’s Forum, you may participate this year.
  • Questions? Call Diane at 570.822.2065

We will notify selected nonprofit organizations of the Grants Distribution Committee’s decision by the close of business Monday, April 12. If your application is selected, you will be given additional participation instructions at that time.
 It is our honor and privilege to host this Forum. We look forward to receiving your application and wish you good luck in the selection process.

2019 Nonprofit Forum

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