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The Luzerne Foundation is honored to share the latest version of Institute Insights brought to you by the hard work and dedication of The Institute for Public Policy & Economic Development. Just released is their research study on the impact of COVID-19 on Social Services and our Healthcare System. This study provides critical information as we navigate through the waters of recovery during this pandemic. We are grateful to all of the community partners and sponsors who made this study possible.

Read the full study: The Impact of COVID-19 on Social Services

Read the full study: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Healthcare System

The Institute extends sincere thanks to the sponsors of the COVID-19 Research Initiative:

The Institute is responding to the COVID-19 crisis by embarking on a timely and ambitious program of research. Our agenda examines the effects of the pandemic on Northeastern Pennsylvania, and provides data-driven insights to help community members and leaders better understand, address, and overcome unique challenges.

For more research and analysis on COVID-19-s impact on Northeastern PA, please visit our website.

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