Fund Administration

Fund Expenses

Administrative Fees

The Luzerne Foundation, through careful management and through use of volunteers, keeps expenses low while providing high-quality services to donors and grantees. Each of The Luzerne Foundation funds pays a proportionate share of administrative costs of the Foundation. This fee is deducted in quarterly installments from the fund’s principal balance. You will find this deduction on your spring and fall fund financial statements.

Investment Management Costs

The Luzerne Foundation allocates costs associated with investment management proportionally to the individual funds included in the investment pool. Costs include fees paid for professional management, independent investment consulting fees and legal fees associated with the investment program.

Fees of individual managers vary depending on the type of assets being managed (e.g., management fees for fixed-income investments are typically lower than fees for equity investments) and the size of the portfolio managed. Total investment costs fluctuate depending on how assets are allocated among managers and among investment categories. The Luzerne Foundation’s investment returns are stated net of investment management costs.

The Future of Your Fund

Your Legacy

Continuing to honor your charitable wishes is critical to us. We will track your grantmaking history and use this as a road map for future giving, should you no longer be able to make recommendations. The nonprofit organizations and charitable interests you cared about most during your lifetime will benefit from your legacy in perpetuity. If at any time you would like to review your grantmaking activity, we can prepare a report to suit your needs.

Successor Advisers

When you created your fund, you may have named a relative or friend to make grant recommendations on your behalf when you are no longer able to do so. The Luzerne Foundation will meet with these individuals and will provide them with the history of your charitable giving and assist them in making grant recommendations based on the guidance you provided during your lifetime.

Other Ways to Give

Administrative Fund

Gifts of any size can be made to The Luzerne Foundation’s Administrative Fund. This fund enables us to promote, develop and increase philanthropy in every corner of Luzerne County. It helps us provide our donors with services that meet their needs, from research, to visits with nonprofits, donor events and workshops.

The Fund for Luzerne County

This unrestricted fund is open to donations of any size. Through a competitive process, the Fund for Luzerne County provides grants to nonprofit organizations to address current needs. Because the fund is unrestricted, it allows the Foundation to flexibly address major issues that have far-reaching impact throughout Luzerne County.

The Luzerne Foundation Field of Interest Funds

If you are not ready to create your own fund, you may give to one of our Field of Interest Funds. These funds support seven key areas that together help create a healthy and sustainable community: Social Services, Education and Scholarships, Arts and Culture, Neighborhoods and Community Development, Youth Issues, Historic Preservation and the Environment and Health and Wellness.

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