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Our Vision Statement: 

A global presence with public benches around the world, that anyone can access and find connection.

Our Goals:

  • To have our benches in hospitals, hospice units, rehab centers, cemeteries, universities, airports….places where people find stress and struggle.
  • To have our benches in beautiful inspiring locations like national parks, ocean vistas, travel destinations like Disneyland, where experience and emotions both run deep.
  • To have our benches on streets, outside coffee shops, in parks, places where you can take a moment to sit, even just for a few minutes. 
  • And of course, a bench in EVERY backyard to keep families connected, to share memories, stories and legacy.
  • We will accomplish this not only through the physical bench, bag and book, but digitally through our website locator, the Bench Tag which has its own unique QR code for each bench and in the future an App, that will locate The Bench Project Benches all around the world. 
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