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The Max & Lorraine Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children who suffer from asthma. The Foundation was established in 1993 by Mike Tracy in loving memory of his wife, Lorraine Button Tracy, and their 10-year-old son, Max Tracy, who both lost their lives to asthma within months of each other. The goal of the Foundation is to provide education, support, and financial assistance to families of children who suffer from asthma.
Our greatest achievement was the establishment of Camp AsthmaCadabra, which is held annually on Beaver Lake in White Haven, Pennsylvania. Camp AsthmaCadabra is celebrating its 20thanniversary in 2018! Over the course of the camp’s annual reign on Beaver Lake, hundreds of children who suffer from asthma have created lifelong friends and memories while also learning how to live with and take charge of their illness.
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