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The Lori Nocito Leadership Legacy Fund was created upon Lori Nocito’s retirement as Executive Director in July 2022, in recognition of her 20 years of service to Leadership Northeast (Formerly Leadership Wilkes-Barre) and is intended to solely support the activities of Leadership Northeast as indicated below. The fund will accept a written request(s) for funding for a specialized project or program, scholarship(s), special event or forum which will preserve and promote the ideals of Leadership Northeast. However, the Fund will not provide general administration expenses. The requests will be made by the Executive Director of Leadership Northeast. The request will be reviewed by Lori Nocito or, in her absence, a member of the Nocito family. In the total absence of Nocito family participation, the President & CEO of The Luzerne Foundation, in collaboration with two Luzerne Foundation board members who are graduate(s) of any leadership program, will review the request.
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