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Kelci did not always follow the traditional path, we suspect the recipient of this scholarship might not either. College may be your passion, but maybe it’s not. This scholarship is not restricted to traditional college credits. Contact The Luzerne Foundation for guidelines.
The Kelci Ever After Fund was established in honor of Kelci Gibbons. It was established by her family because in their words “our happily ever after was forever altered when our beautiful 22-year-old daughter, Kelci, lost her life in a car accident. Life as we knew it ceased to exist, and now we are faced with learning how to live again without her here. This is our Kelci Ever After.”
Kelci was a free spirit who loved art, music, nature, and having a good time. She was usually wearing a peace sign, smiling, and spreading or promoting the message of peace and love wherever her adventures took her.  In 2012 when she was just 22 years young her life was cut short in a car accident, but her spirit, through those who loved her is ever-present. To honor Kelci, they established the fund to do good, be kind and give back to the community in ways that would have been meaningful to Kelci.
For more information, you may visit the Kelci Ever After webpage:
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