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The Dr. David Kistler Scholarship Award is announced annually for a student(s) graduating from the sixth grade at the Kistler Elementary School, Wilkes-Barre, who shows academic achievement, good citizenship, personal accomplishments and economic need. The actual scholarship is awarded at the successful completion of high school. Dr. Kistler’s vision has been instrumental in motivating and inspiring young students to strive for a college education.
Dr. Kistler Scholarship Fund – Encouraging Educational Excellence
In 1977 the Kistler Elementary School in Wilkes-Barre was dedicated in honor of Dr. David W. Kistler. Humbled by the honor, Dr. Kistler began to look for a way to thank the community and at the same time, create a means to encourage education excellence for middle-school students at the school. It took almost two years, but it has become one of the true fund success stories of The Luzerne Foundation.
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