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2ufunddiv class=”causesText”>One holiday season, a six year old boy was busy collecting toys for children from under-privileged families through his school and community. Realizing that Christmas came but once a year, he asked his mother, “What do poor kids do on their birthday?” Inspired by the thought that some children don’t have the means for birthday celebrations, the boy and his family set up the 2U Fund at The Luzerne Foundation. The 2U Fund has been created so that children from families without means in Luzerne County can have a happy birthday. Not only does 2U provide funds for children from low income families, it encourages other children to participate in philanthropy by foregoing some birthday gifts so that other children can receive them. Monies collected are given to charitable organizations to purchase gifts and birthday treats. To facilitate gift giving and donation requests, tribute cards and “in lieu of gifts” stickers are available from The Luzerne Foundation. Children of all ages are encouraged to participate in this easy, meaningful, philanthropic endeavor. Visit us at www.2ufund.org.

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