Board of Directors

Founders’ Board

Frank H. Bevevino*
Mary Anne Eggleston
Charles D. Flack, Jr.**
Robert A. Fortinsky**
Frank M. Henry
Allan M. Kluger, Esq.
Richard Maslow
The Right Rev. Andrew J. McGowan**
John C. Metz
Charles E. Parente
John M. Randolph, Jr.
Richard M. Ross, Jr.**
Eugene Roth, Esq.
Rhea P. Simms
George B. Sordoni**
Constance Umphred**


Board of Directors

Lauren Allen
William Beekman III
Jacqueline Brozena
Layne G Crothers
John Dowd
Debbie Eastwood
Jamie Flack
Robert Gill
David P. Hourigan
Megan Kennedy
Reyna C. Logsdon
John Loyack
Thomas J MacNeely
Malorie Kenny McLaughlin
Maureen Metz
Rob Neher
Alexander Sloot
Brian Stahl
Greg Weaver
Tara Mugford Wilson

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