Our Mission

The Luzerne Foundation works to enhance the lives of Luzerne County residents by evaluating and addressing community needs through strategic grantmaking, promoting responsible philanthropy, and connecting donors to causes that matter to them.

It Happens Almost Every Day…

A group forms to support a cause in their community. People want to help and contribute their time and money. But the group is not a registered nonprofit – how can they accept donations? The Luzerne Foundation meets with group leadership and maps out a plan for a fund to be created to house funds and ensure the future of their organization.

A call from a current fundholder asking about ways to assist underprivileged students in their hometown attain a college education begins a conversation of best way to make sure those students will be successful. A scholarship program is created.

A coalition of area nonprofits meets at The Foundation to find ways to address issues they are all facing. Paths for working together are explored. Collaborative grant applications are discussed. A commitment is made to keep the conversation going.

A nonprofit is struggling. Quietly, behind the scenes, the staff of The Foundation encourages the organization to examine their mission, structure and funding sources. The nonprofit may decide to carry on, or to seek a merger. Using The Foundation as a sounding board, they have the information they need.

A donor calls asking who in the community needs support. After listening to their interests and philanthropic vision, The Foundation connects them with appropriate organizations. The donor is also invited to attend the annual Nonprofit Forum to hear about the needs of many organizations in the community.

To Fulfill Our Mission We Will...

Encourage donors to make effective charitable decisions through our donor-centric approach to philanthropy.
Grow The Foundation’s unrestricted assets to provide for diverse community needs for generations to come.
Listen to the needs of our donors, nonprofits, and our community as a whole.
Collaborate to support creative solutions to build capacity in our nonprofits and work closely with professional advisors, other nonprofits, and community leaders.

Here For Good.

Established in 1994, The Luzerne Foundation is a force for philanthropy in our community. To date over $160 million in grants has been distributed to nonprofit organizations and over 360 funds have been created. With over $40 million in assets The Foundation is positioned to do good today and tomorrow.

We are….Here For Good.

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