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The Luzerne Foundation's Mission

We are “Here For Good“. The Luzerne Foundation supports donors with their charitable giving, helping them invest strategically in causes they care about and in ways that make a difference in our community. We are a philanthropic leader, a community resource and a financial steward.


Since our inception in 1994, we have awarded more than $100,000,000 in grants from more than 300 funds that represent seven distinct fields of interest. All of these components work in concert to create a healthy vibrant community. Without Social Services, Education and Scholarships, Arts and Culture, Health and Wellness, Youth Issues, Historic Preservation and the Environment, and Neighborhoods and Community Development, our community would not be sustainable and opportunities for growth and development would cease.

Our Leadership

As a philanthropic leader in our community, it is also our mission to offer information and resources. The professional staff at The Luzerne Foundation is very knowledgeable about the various programs and services provided by nonprofit organizations in our region and has access to national and regional organizations through which almost and donor question can be addressed.

Our Commitment to Growth

We provide educational seminars covering trends in philanthropy, tax and legislative changes, and other pertinent topics free of charge to the community. By partnering with other local organizations such as The Nonprofit & Community Assistance Center (NCAC) and Northeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), respected experts in the field will make their way to our community. Our extensive knowledge of diverse local needs and of the nonprofit organizations working to address them, positions The Foundation as a logical clearing house to promote efficient  use of resources and effective communication. Together we can do so much more. With nearly $32 million in assets, The Foundation is uniquely positioned to good today…and tomorrow.

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