Types of Funds

We are “here for good.” The Luzerne Foundation helps people create funds to do good today and lasting good for tomorrow. The creation of a fund is a simple, personal and powerful way to give back to your community. The Luzerne Foundation manages over 318 funds of which no two are exactly alike. We understand that donors have many charitable interests, and we make it easy for donors to:

1) find information about local nonprofits that fit their charitable giving goals.
2) find information about various ways to give.
3) find information regarding existing funds that fit their charitable giving goals.
4) find information about starting their own fund within the foundation.

Funds can be personalized in any combination of the above to meet the donor’s needs.

Unrestricted Funds UNR

general_purpose_grantmaking_thumbUnrestricted Funds support open grant programs. Applications are sent to over 800 nonprofits throughout the region each year. An awards committee evaluates the submitted grant applications on the basis of relevance, numbers of people served and benefit to the overall welfare of the community.

Donor Advised Funds DAF

donor_advised_thumbDonor-Advised Funds are established by people who wish to have a continuing role in the grant process and recommend, year-to-year, where they want their contributions to go.
See an example of a Donor Advised Fund

Designated Funds DES

designated_fund_thumbDesignated Funds make grants automatically to particular, pre-selected nonprofit organizations each year at the donor’s request.
See an example of a Designated Fund

Field of Interest FOI

field_of_interest_thumbField of Interest Funds benefit a particular area of interest such as health care, education, arts, diversity, autism or the environment. Grant applications are distributed to relevant organizations.
See an example of a Field of Interest Fund

Organizational Endowments ORG

organizational_endowment_thumbOrganizational Endowment Funds create an endowment with a permanent income stream and provide investment management resource for a specific nonprofit organization or agency.
See an example of an Organizational Endowments Fund

Scholarship Funds SCH

scholarship_fund_thumbScholarship funds distribution is often delegated to an independent scholarship committee from a school, a group, or a family.
See an example of a Scholarship Fund