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Who is SAS?

The Street Art Society (SAS) of North Eastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) was created in the Fall of 2018. SAS is a small organization with big dreams that believes street art has the ability to transform local communities into more enjoyable places to live. We believe our projects will impact communities both socially and economically.

Socially, the arts play a role in improving individual health by engaging creativity and improving psychological well-being. Participating in the viewing of murals can be stimulating and stress relieving which leads to improved happiness. These projects will be completed by local artists and volunteers which will deepen community bonds and promote art education and awareness.

Economically, the arts attract visitors and increase tourism. Art, culture and history are often main attractions tourists seek while on vacation. By providing art attractions like murals in an area, locals and visitors will spend time viewing the arts, shopping local businesses, eating at local restaurants and staying in nearby hotels.  In turn, this increased foot-traffic boosts outside spending and increases economic opportunity. Also, it is anticipated that by improving a community’s image, business owners will feel more confident in investing in that community which can lead to economic development.

SAS Goals

  • Support local artists and develop a deeper appreciation for the visual arts.
  • Increase the cultural offerings within our area for residents and tourists alike.
  • Foster a sense of ownership and pride among residents
  • Demonstrate that transformation is possible through the actions of dedicated individuals who believe in their ability to initiate change.

Mission Statement

To improve our local area by infusing powerful and uplifting works of art into our communities Whether it’s a mural, sculpture, community garden, or labyrinth, we strive to connect people with their environment through art, and in result, create a more forward-thinking culture in NEPA.

Contact Info:

E-mail us at

Like us on Facebook: @StreetArtSocietyNEPA


SAS operates on donations provided by the public and awarded grant funds. SAS has big dreams for the Valley communities and is relying on donors to fund their transformative projects. Please donate today!
If you are able to donate please click the “Donate Now” button above.  All donations, large and small are greatly appreciated!

Let’s Get Creative!

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